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Together to the finish line

Become a pacer at the Košice Peace Marathon 2024!

If you're already registered for Košice Peace Marathon, have ample running experience and want to help other athletes achieve their desired goal, fill in the application form and become a pacer! Our committee will select the most suitable pacers for each time goal and, if you're among them, will contact you via e-mail.

What do you get as a pacer?

An indescribable feeling of helping other runners reach their dream goal time.
The opportunity to participate in a joint fine-tuning training with ELITE competitors and get an exclusive photo or signature.
The opportunity to run with other pacers and exchange experiences as part of a joint training.
An introduction in front of the running community and a public thank you for your help.
Exclusive T-shirt designed for pacers only.
More fun and enjoyment at the start and finish.
Reimbursement of the already paid registration fee.
Lots of amusing moments and a chance to meet a lot of new people with similar interests.

When can you become a pacer and what rules do you have to follow on the track?

  • A pacer must:
  • Be a skilled and experienced runner.
  • Be able to keep a steady pace throughout the race.
  • Communicate very well with other runners.
  • Be able to advise on tactics and psychology.
  • Be pleasantly attuned, smile and give joy.
  • Pacer:
  • Is a role model for runners and must behave accordingly.
  • Adheres to the rules of fair play and encourages compliance with them.
  • Doesn't look down their nose on others and respects everyone without distinction.
  • Can't race with other runners.
  • Is also a human being and, like many others, can be affected by difficulties.

List of pacers

3:00 Jaime Vicente
3:00 Daniel Kraviansky
3:15 Štefan Sumerling
3:15 Michal Ivančo
3:15 Július Kaľavský
3:30 Ivana Butoracová
3:30 Marek Barta
3:30 Michal Majcher
3:45 Ján Mandúch
3:45 Martin Petreje
3:45 Dušan Polák
4:00 Miroslava Francová
4:00 Ondro Székely
4:00 Peter Mišák
4:15 Nora Seligová
4:15 Juraj Ždiňák
4:15 Damián Bucha
4:30 Eva Marková
4:30 Zuzana Stanovčáková
4:30 Martin Gazda
1:30 Emil Fučo
1:30 Martin Kormaník
1:45 Róbert Fedor
1:45 Michal Barna
1:45 Martin Turiak
1:45 Martin Parilák
2:00 Marek Blichár
2:00 Barbara Chrenková
2:00 Radovan Hruša
2:00 Leoš Heumann
2:00 Kamil Horňák
2:00 Dominik Jakubkovič
3:00 Pavel Bašta
3:00 Radovan Vilk
3:15 Róbert Gunár
3:15 Jozef Varga
3:30 Gabriel Repaský
3:30 Ivana Butoracová
3:30 Marek Barta
3:45 Miroslav Bátovský
3:45 Stanislav Ďuriga
4:00 Mirka Francová
4:00 Martin Petreje
4:15 Jozef Gira
4:15 Nora Šeligová
4:30 Eva Kissová
4:30 Dominik Jakubkovič
1:30 Pavol Chomanič
1:30 Matúš Lajčák
1:45 Ľubomír Tvrdoň
1:45 Lenka Kalafusová
2:00 Martin Klus
2:00 Attila Jakab

Selected pacers' stories

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